The Consortium Report
A project of The Media Consortium


The Consortium Report, a project of The Media Consortium, publishes coordinated efforts by its members to produce journalism and analysis that impacts today’s political and social landscape.

The Consortium Report is host to one of The Media Consortium’s exciting new editorial projects: original reports by Washington Correspondent Brian Beutler. Beutler’s initial reporting focus is on the House of Representatives’ Judiciary and Oversight committees. These articles are syndicated and published by Media Consortium members to reach a wide and diverse audience. Members of this project include: Air America’s “The Young Turks” Afro-Netizen, AlterNet, ColorLines, Free Speech TV, In These Times, Mother Jones, Ms. Magazine, The Nation, The Progressive, The Washington Monthly, the Women’s Media Center and Workers Independent News.

Look in the months ahead for results from additional editorial coordinations among The Media Consortium members, news generated by The Media Consortium and highlights of progressive journalism at its best.